About me

Hi, I’m Ingrid

I’m a London-based freelance consultant lawyer ready to guide you through the complex world of UK small business law.

I’ve lived and breathed commercial law for 10 years, working for both Magic Circle and boutique law firms. But I decided it was time to hang up my suit, swap board rooms for coffee shops (the fact that I absolutely love coffee had no bearing on my decision, I swear!) and use what I’d learnt to help people starting out in business feel confident about legal things.

The entrepreneurs. The small business owners. The freelancers. The dreamers with big plans and sometimes small budgets, but a whole load of passion. Them. I wanted to help them.

And in the process I became one too.

The juggle is real

I’m a mum of two young boys and finding a healthy work-life balance was a big reason for starting Dec + Dash Legal Consulting. And I know I’m not the only one in that situation.

That means I know how it feels to go it alone – the fear, the uncertainty, but the amazing feeling of achievement when everything comes together. If I can take away some of your uncertainty, help make things clearer and enable you to make scary but exciting business decisions where legalities may otherwise have held you back, that will make my day.

That’s why I do what I do. To give you the legal confidence to go out there and be your most awesome self. 

Interested? Let’s chat.